Friday, 7 October 2011


'Tis the merry month of October and Hallow'en will soon be
upon us.  Even we oldies who haven't been out guising in many a long
year are not immune to its unique charms, and can yet recall the Hallow-
e'ens of our youth with fond nostalgia.  I remember having a cardboard
YOGI BEAR mask, purchased from WOOLWORTHS (actually I had
two;  one in 1963/'64 and again in '66), and I'd love to be able to get
my hands on another one some day.  (Unlikely I know, given
the inherent fragility of the item.)

Anyway, I was digging through the files recently and, much to
my surprise, discovered a photocopy of the original pencil version of
my FRANKENSTEIN monster portrait from the early '80s.  Regular
readers of this blog will have already seen the inked and cropped incar-
nation of this drawing, but the pencilled portrait has its own charm
and is of sufficient interest to merit an outing here.

So, just hear a chapping at your front porch.
Grabbing a few apples and some monkey nuts, you prepare to endure
yet another rendition of 'three wee witches on the green' as you open
the door and are confronted - not by a gaggle of giggling guisers -
but by the image above, looming at you out of the fog.

  And if that doesn't cure you of your constipation, then nothing will.  


Rob Paul said...

Hey Kid,
Was great to see your 15 minute of fame clip. Jenny and I had fun recognising most of the figures. Our memorabilia collection isn't quite as impressive, but it's growing slowly, although a lot of it still needs unpacked.
Jenny plans one day to have the biggest buffy collection in the world, closely followed by Disneyana. Cheers, Rob

Kid said...

Ah, if only it had been 15 minutes - 15 seconds is closer to the mark. However, I'll gladly take what I can get, utter ham that I am.

There's another clip - remind to show it to you some day.

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