Sunday, 2 October 2011


When I was a boy in the mid-'60s, there was a set of dab-on
DALEK transfers available.  I recall having that super set on at
least two separate occasions a few years apart and I'd love to
own it again one day.

Another set of terrific transfers I had as a lad was CAPTAIN
SCARLET, and a few years ago I was lucky enough to re-acquire a
sheet from some source or other.  Because they were dab-ons, they
were referred to as 'dabbities' in Scotland, and, I assume, other
parts of Britain also.

For all lovers of nostalgia, I thought I'd share
  my set with you here.  No, don't mention it. 


Steve Does Comics said...

Captain Scarlet was always my favourite Gerry Anderson puppet show. Those opening titles alone were enough to make it a classic.

Poetry24 said...

I vaguely remember some early Popeye transfers. Never had any though.

John Pitt said...

If you do manage to get hold of those Daleks transfers, will you show them to us ?

Kid said...

I've got pictures of them somewhere, but they're not great as they haven't been scanned from my own copy as were the CS ones. I'll post them at some stage.

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