Sunday, 3 July 2016


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Okay, hands up if you're a BATMAN fan?  Then this is
the volume for you - particularly if you're a '60s Batman fan
who thrilled to the Caped Crusader's adventures as drawn by
CARMINE INFANTINO, the artist responsible for bringing
the Silver Age FLASH to life and kick-starting the super-
hero revival in comicbooks back in the '50s.

So read the spiel on the back cover - then rush out and
buy yourself a copy of this full-colour, hardback edition.  In
fact, buy one for each of your friends too.  They'll love you
forever - and, after all, it's only money.


Graham said...

I always like Infantino's work for DC. For some reason, though, his work never grabbed me during his tenure with Marvel. I always wondered about how well some artists would do if they "crossed over" to the other side.

Kid said...

Sadly, G, the standard of his work slipped (in my estimation) later in his career, and wasn't quite on a par with his '60s work. That said, however, I can't immediately recall any of his Marvel work to make a direct comparison.

-3- said...

I like Infantino a great deal, but he was never my favorite as a Batman artist. I think because his distinctive style was so embedded in The Flash, the it always seemed a little not-quite-Batman to me at the time. My favorite of the old Batman artists showed up on The Brave & The Bold a bit later, at the beginning of the 70s - Jim Aparo. Even before that insane Bob Haney story where he was held at gunpoint by the bad guys and forced to draw Batman losing so they could win.

Kid said...

I'm not sure I ever had a single favourite Batman artist, as each one brought something different to the strip. Some were better than others of course.

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