Wednesday, 23 July 2014


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By now, if you've seen the other three posts in this run and are really serious about collecting classic comicbooks, you'll want to add these iconic issues to your collection.  (Assuming that you don't already have them all, naturally.)  Don't know where to start?  Panic not, O DC disciple.  Every one of JACK KIRBY's CHALLENGERS Of The UNKNOWN tales are available in an Omnibus Edition which should be available at your nearest comicbook store.  You might even be able to pick up the previous two volumes of the DC ARCHIVES books which featured these great tales.

Interestingly, the title was still going when Jack returned to DC in 1970, but was cancelled not too long afterwards.  A handful of reprint issues were subsequently published in the early '70s, and the series was later revived for a short time, but not 'til after JK had departed DC.  There seems to be debate over who created and wrote the strip;  some sources credit Jack Kirby alone, but others say it was Jack and DAVE WOOD.  There always seems to be controversy of this kind around 'The King'.  JOE SIMON said he created CAPTAIN AMERICA on his own, Jack claimed to be solely responsible for every good thing at MARVEL, and even his best-known '50s DC work has a cloud of uncertainty over who did what.  Pattern or coincidence?

Meanwhile, it's poor ol' STAN LEE who carries the can for being a 'glory-hog'.  Hardly seems fair to me, I gotta say!


baab said...

Okay,I am convinced.
I must purchase these.
Fine example of the 'King' at work.
Looking forward to seeing what Wally Wood brings to the art also.

Kid said...

Look at the splash pages in part three (The Wizard of Time) of these posts, Baab, for a particularly good example of Wally Wood's inking. If you compare them to the splash pages in part one, you'll see the difference.

baab said...

Oh my,he certainly adds more than just a little bit of 'Wally Wood' to it.
Blonde guy on the right of the screen should be in THUNDER Agents!
Very interesting.
Thanks for that.

Kid said...

No bother, Baab. You should be able to obtain the relatively recent Omnibus edition containing all Jack's stories without much trouble. I've got the earlier two volume Archives editions, which are very nice indeed.

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