Monday, 14 July 2014


It lasted a mere 18 issues before being merged with SPIDER-MAN
#595 (a U.K. weekly), but way back in 1984, THE THING IS BIG BEN
hit the shelves of newsagents across Britain.  The main Thing stories were
taken from MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE, and back-up strips came in the
form of IRON MAN and CAPTAIN AMERICA - plus the zany

To be honest, Donald was probably the best strip in the mag, and
it's a shame it only appeared in the first dozen issues before being con-
signed to comic strip limbo.  Time for a comeback I think - where are you,
Donald?  While I'm waiting for him to reply, the rest of you can get on with
appreciating all the lovely piccies I've generously bestowed upon you.
Don't forget to return for the second instalment.

(Incidentally, I've still got the free gifts which came with the first two
issues [none in the third], but can I remember where I put them?  [The
answer's no, in case you were wondering.]  Whenever I find them, I'll
add them to this post - but that could be a long, long time.)    

UPDATE:  Here's the free gift from #1 -
I'll add the one from #2 when I dig it out.


Colin Jones said...

Poor Marvel UK - how could they be reduced to printing this tripe. Was this really the same company that produced MWOM, SMCW, POTA, the Titans and the Complete FF - the golden age for the weeklies ended with the final issues of MWOM and Super Spider-Man in January 1979 and then it was all downhill. It was despair at the new-look weeklies that caused me to switch permanently to U.S. imports.

Kid said...

Let's give them points for trying, CJ. The fact is, the material they were printing in these later mags just didn't have the magic of the earlier stories.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I liked the US Marvel "Two in one" comic but I don't think the strips were strong enough for a UK weekly possibly with FF back up to round it off (then again tha might confuse readers with the Thing in some FF stories etc) - I suppose the "Big Ben" title was to make it sound more London/British - wasn't aware Hunt Emerson did anything for Marvel as always nice artwork from the lad

John Pitt said...

I preferred the 2-in-1 stories to the Thing solo stories, especially around the "project pegasus" era. As for this comic - one of the last decent Marvel weeklies, shortly before a time when the only weekly titles they put out were licensed titles- bleak years for Marvel UK. As for the title - well Dez Skinn had Big Ben- the man with no time for crime in Warrior just before, so draw your own conclusions....

Kid said...

I'd say the name was more to do with giving the comic a 'British' identity, JP, rather than cashing in on a rather obscure character aimed at a different age group. However, could it also have been used to take a little pop at Dez? Who knows!

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