Monday, 21 January 2013


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

And now, yet another cataclysmic collection of MAGNIFICENT
MARVEL cover and pin-up images from the pulsating pages of MWOM.
Some of the colouring is a bit 'off' in the pin-ups from issue #4, but this was
something which afflicted the entire print-run, I believe, and wasn't just re-
stricted to my classic copy.  The cover art to all four issues featured here is
potently pencilled by Jaunty JIM STARLIN and india-inked by Joltin'
JOE SINNOTT, and was produced exclusively for we Brits.  The interi-
or pin-ups are by Jolly JACK KIRBY and Sturdy STEVE DITKO,
respectively.  What more can I say but - enjoy!


Dougie said...

So the Marvel Annual was contemporary with the early days of MWOM? How the memory cheats! I misremembered it preceding the weekly by a couple of months. That's unsettling. On the other hand, it was forty years ago. No,that's unsettling too.

Kid said...

I tell myself that it was only four sets of ten away, which doesn't seem so bad somehow. I remember it hitting the shops around October, so the ad fits in with my memory of events. It was a late Annual, most of them usually going on sale around August or September, so perhaps that's what's thrown you. Oddly, some of the strips in the annual were being featured in the weekly almost simultaneously.

Steve Does Comics said...

65p for an annual? It's daylight robbery!

Then again, according to the Historic Inflation Calculator ( ), it's the equivalent of £7.24 in current terms.

Kid said...

I wish Marvel/Panini would rerelease this Annual, but in full-colour. (Even 'though I've got colour versions of all the stories in other publications.) I'd gladly pay £7.24 for such a book.

Incidentally, about 10 or 15 years ago, somebody paid £60 for this Annual in a comics auction. It's not even worth that now.

Nick Caputo said...


It's a treat to see all these covers. Starlin did some terrific work, particularly MWOM # 7. Many of these covers are much better then their contemporary US counterparts, which were often overburdened with copy and word balloons in this period. It's also nice to see all those pin-ups and covers. They're always a treat, and take me back to my early Marvel days, when an Annual was a long awaited, truly special item to while away the long hot summer days.

Kid said...

Have I got a treat for you, Nick. All ready to go, sitting in my draft file, are the first two parts of the Spider-Man Comics Weekly cover gallery. I'll be posting them in February, which will be the 40th anniversary of when SMCW first appeared. Now don't go wishing your life away 'til then - it'll come soon enough.

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