Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The perception of time has always perplexed me.  Let me
give you an example.  Under normal circumstances, one would
assume that a period of 20 years to a 60 year old, in retrospect,
should seem, proportionately speaking, the same length of time as 4
years does to a 12 year old;  in both cases it's a 3rd of their respective
lives.  However, we all know that time seems to pass more quickly the
older one gets, so 20 years to a person in their 60s probably only seems
like 10 at the most, which is a 6th of their life.  But one 6th of a 12 year
old's life is 2 years, so wouldn't that seem to him what 20 years feels
like to a 60 year old?  That must mean 'though, that 2 years and 4
years appear to be pretty much the same to a 12 year old.  Or
does it?  See what I mean?  It's confusing, isn't it?

However, regardless of whether I can get to grips with under-
standing what I just said or not, one thing I do know.  Even if I'm
lucky enough to live for another 50 years or so, it's going to fly by
far more quickly than I'd like it to.  It'll have passed before I
even know it's begun.  It doesn't seem fair somehow.

Now, can someone please explain what I'm on about?


baab said...

I wish I could even debate this with you,but I cant.
When I turned forty I was overjoyed,single,almost mortgage free and still ready to take on the world.

Now I am nearing fifty,I have two children,a mortgage that I will never see ending,no real desire to do anything but read articles and do the odd bit of diy.
And I feel beaten down.

They say fifty is the new forty though..who knows I may have a middle age crisis and break free from the invisible shackles I voluntarily wear.......Hurrah!

And the scientists say that time is relative and subjective,thats okay if you are counting in milliseconds.

Kid said...

I suppose the way to look at things is this - if you were in a room with five ten year old kids, then you'd be the same age as all of THEM put together. Then perhaps you wouldn't feel so old - you'd be only five times ten, which doesn't seem too bad.

(I wouldn't recommend it 'though - look at what happened to Michael Jackson.)

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