Wednesday, 25 July 2012


The perception of time has always perplexed me. Let me
give you an example. Under normal circumstances, one would
assume that a period of twenty years to a sixty year old, in retrospect,
should seem, proportionately speaking, the same length of time as four
years does to a twelve year old; in both cases it's a third of their respective
lives. However, we all know that time seems to pass more quickly the older
one gets, so twenty years to someone in their sixties probably only seems
like ten at the most, which is one sixth of their life. But one sixth of a twelve
year old's life is only two years, so wouldn't they seem to him what twenty
years do to a sixty year old? That must mean 'though, that two years
and four years appear to be pretty much the same to a twelve year
old. Or does it? See what I mean? It's confusing, isn't it?

However, regardless of whether I can get to grips with understanding
what I just said or not, one thing I do know. Even if I'm lucky enough to
live for another fifty years or so, it's going to fly by far more quickly than
I'd like it to. It'll have passed before I even know it's begun. It doesn't
seem fair somehow.

Now, can someone please explain what I'm on about?


baab said...

I wish I could even debate this with you,but I cant.
When I turned forty I was overjoyed,single,almost mortgage free and still ready to take on the world.

Now I am nearing fifty,I have two children,a mortgage that I will never see ending,no real desire to do anything but read articles and do the odd bit of diy.
And I feel beaten down.

They say fifty is the new forty though..who knows I may have a middle age crisis and break free from the invisible shackles I voluntarily wear.......Hurrah!

And the scientists say that time is relative and subjective,thats okay if you are counting in milliseconds.

Kid said...

I suppose the way to look at things is this - if you were in a room with five ten year old kids, then you'd be the same age as all of THEM put together. Then perhaps you wouldn't feel so old - you'd be only five times ten, which doesn't seem too bad.

(I wouldn't recommend it 'though - look at what happened to Michael Jackson.)