Friday, 20 July 2012



And now, from the vaults of history (and a box in my cupboard)
comes yet another six sensational, classic covers - plus their back page
pin-ups - from that perfect POWER PACK publication from the swingin'
'60s - the frighteningly-fearless, fabulous FANTASTIC. All hail to ALF,
BART, and COS, Britain's bombastic stand-ins for STAN, JACK,

Ah, I only have to gaze upon these pulsating pictures by KIRBY, HECK,
ROTH, and SMITH to once again (in my mind's eye) be merrily frolicking
back in the heady, halcyon days of my childhood, when the world was a
better place and I thought I would be a boy forever. Chances are, you
did too - unless you're a girl, that is.

So come with me now - on a journey back to when the world seemed
fresh and new, and wonders aplenty were aborning each and every
week in the pages of Britain's Brightest Superhero Comic. There
is - there can be - simply no other word for it - it's - FANTASTIC.


Don't forget to tune in again for future instalments
in this Fantastic series.


moonmando said...

Curiosity!..What`s with the scribbled name on the front cover,next to the 9d...?
Was it an ordered issue from the local shop,whereby they would write on the front cover your surname for their own administrative convenience.
I once had the Sparky comic on order from Corsons stores and each week on collection i would be confronted by this unwanted graffiti on the front cover of MY COMIC..yes..MY COMIC.The very one that i sweated blood,snotters and tears to own(Well actually my mum bought it for me,along with her weekly shopping) Damn them to hell sir,this was an outrage,i silently vented to myself.Such hooliganistic and blaggardly behaviour imposed upon an innocent such as i was then.
I can still recall the silent and utter indignation at such affrontery.
Nowadays,(being more of a cheapskate than a perfectionist),i would try and get at least a third off the cover price...for damaged goods!

Kid said...

Alas, Mr Moonmando, not every comic I currently own is the actual issue I had at the time. I blush with shame to admit it, but some are replacements acquired many years after the fact. What you would call 'pre-owned' in modern parlance, but what we once simply described as second-hand. I console myself with the fact that most of these replacements I've now had for many more years than I ever had the originals, and in some mysterious, mystical, magical way, have been transformed into the actual comics of my boyhood. Apart from these cursed reminders of previous owners scrawled across the covers of course. Dash them all to heck, sir.

Nick Caputo said...

Some very nice pin-ups by Barry Smith here, particularly the Destroyer. Marvel Girl does look a touch irritated, though. What Smith lacked in talent early on he made up for in enthusuasm, something I felt from his earliest work in the states.

Kid said...

Nick, isn't it amazing how much Smith improved in only a few short years? That Marvel Girl pin-up looks like it was based on a Sid Shores drawing, but I'm not completely certain it's by Smith - could be by other hands.

George Shiers said...

I've never read any Fantastic comics - but the covers do look good.

I may have to head over to eBay and grab myself a few copies...

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