Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Once again we present for your pulsating and protruding peepers
more Mighty Marvel greatness from years ago. Continuing our salivatory
series of SPIDER-MAN covers by the stupendous STEVE DITKO, we
herewith unveil the next six in the sequence - none other than MARVEL
TALES #s 155 to 160. I'm sure I can't be alone in wishing that, despite the
care and attention lavished upon the MASTERWORKS and OMNIBUS
volumes which the House of Ideas currently publishes, it would be great
to see their vast back catalogue presented in actual monthly comicbooks
once more. Just think - THE FANTASTIC FOUR, THOR, THE HULK, THE
AVENGERS, Dr. STRANGE, etc., all with their original cover artwork.
All those in favour, say "Aye!" - "AYE!"

Right, that's it carried then. Now it's up to Marvel.  

Remember to tune in again soon for another six super covers in this
smashing series.


Terence Stewart said...

I'd love Marvel to start up a Classic Marvel monthly reprint series again. I'd call it Marvel Collectors' Item Classics...:)

Kid said...

Actually, Marvel Tales used that as a mini-heading in some upcoming covers which I'll be showing soon. Also, as you'll know, there was a magazine with that very name in the '60s.

Dougie said...

Love the colours on the Scorpion cover and the mood of the Masters of Menace cover.

I'd buy a monthly reprint series of Ditko's Spidey and Dr. Strange.

Kid said...

I've got them in several reprints already (in books and individual comics), but I'd buy them again for sure.