Wednesday, 2 May 2018


My very own, almost-pristine, FANTASTIC Annual for 1968

I must confess to feeling guilty for neglecting all you Criv-ites these past few months, so I've been making a special effort recently (when time allows) to trot out the odd post.  (What do you mean that all my posts are odd?)  Here's the latest piece of self-indulgent nonsense...


Regarding the TV21 Annuals in the previous post, only the first one (of which I have three) is in anywhere near to almost brand-new condition,  the others having obvious telltale signs of wear (and thus age) about them.  With Annuals, as with anything I collect, I tend to take what I can get when I can get it, and replace it later if a better condition one comes along, depending on price obviously.  As an aside, I've still got my copy of BEEB #1 that I bought down in Southsea/Portsmouth in 1985, but I noticed one on eBay recently in mint condition, still with original free gift.  It sold for something like £2.50, but now there's now another one up for sale at the ridiculous price of £40.  (Maybe it's the one that cost £2.50, and the buyer's trying to make a tidy profit by selling it on right away.)  That's why I'm cautious (sometimes) about paying big bucks for something, because s*d's law says that a cheaper, better one will come along eventually.  (Though in the case of Beeb #1, it happened in reverse on this occasion.)

I notice that when I'm lucky enough to buy an old item in pristine condition, especially when it's something I had new as a kid, that particular period seems not so far away, whereas if the item displays signs of age, then the period seems much further back in time.  Unless, of course, I acquired the original object from a jumble sale and it already looked old, in which case, because the replacement looks no worse than the original did when I first got it, that time doesn't seem so far removed as it otherwise would.  (Anyone following that, or am I far too obscure?)  It would be great to have everything I own looking as if it were brand-new, but at times I just have to settle for what my funds allow for.  Sometimes, a better-condition item will come along and I'll pass, because the not-so-good one has been in my possession for so many years that I've come to accept its imperfections and am exceedingly loath to part with it.  Admittedly, there have been occasions when I've bought another, better one and just kept both.

So what's your view on this if you're an eager collector of old items you had in your youth?  Is condition paramount to you, or not so important?  And, like me, does a replacement's condition influence your impression of how long ago you had the original?  If any of the above makes any sense to you, feel free to record your thoughts, theories and fancies in the comments section.      


Tom Dulski said...

I still feel that it's got to be in mint or near mint condition. I don't care if i have to pay more for it. I don't want someones tattered and worn items.

Kid said...

Likewise, I don't want something that's tattered and torn, TD, but if it's a choice between something that's not quite perfect and nothing at all, then I'll take the first option.

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