Thursday, 3 May 2018


Oor WULLIE copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co, Ltd

(Or to be more precise, oor Wullie, your Wullie, a'body's Wullie.  That's a lot o' Wullie.)


Just got time for another quick post.  See the photo above?  It's the cover from a 1975 Oor WULLIE book (issued in '74) that's lain around my back room for approximately 20 years or more.  (Someone must've given me it because I'd never buy a book in such poor condition.)  Now see the photos below.  That's the new cover I made for it with the help of a scanner/printer, digital restoration, couple of sheets of card, some Libra-Seal, and masking tape which I coloured with a felt marker pen.  Not too shabby, is it?  I had to enlarge the images at the printing stage by a few millimetres to allow for cropping, but the book's now neat enough to join my other Oor Wullie books.  Gosh, aren't I talented?  (And modest too of course.)


Lionel Hancock said...

If I wasn't so modest I would be perfect.. Heh.... The covers came out great.. Good job!

Kid said...

Some people say that I have a lot to be modest about, LH. (I think they're taking the p*ss.)

Philip Crawley said...

All kidding aside (see what I did there?) - nice job. There is something quite satisfying I think about having an item in less than 'showroom condition' and being able to at least bring it up a few notches in quality back towards its original state. I buy and collect a lot of Dinosaur figures and these have been through the wars in some case but nothing that a spot or two of repainting won't fix. Slightly off topic - it frustrates me that Dinosaurs are seen as kids' toys - these are extinct animals not cartoon characters!

Kid said...

Thanks, PC. The book has some great stories in it, but I'd always intended to give it away or throw it out. No one wanted it when I offered it to them, so it looked like the bin was going to be its destination. The only thing that saved it for so long was the fact that I kept it in a cardboard envelope, hidden behind my armchair. Then I decided to make it a new cover - which secured its longterm future.

There was a fellow who lived a couple of rows behind me who was also into Dinosaurs, but I don't know if he collected any toy ones - or even if there were any available in the very early '70s. He loved reading about them though. As for people thinking they're toys for kids, I wouldn't worry about it. People still regard comics as a juvenile (if not infantile) pastime, but I don't let it bother me. And many of the items I collect are actually meant for kids. Do I care? Nah!

I've got a remote-control T-Rex skeleton, which walks and shakes its arms and legs - got it from Tandy years ago. Brilliant toy.

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