Wednesday, 14 March 2018


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Oops!  I've had a couple of these FF/TITANS posts sitting in my drafts file from before I discontinued the blog on a regular basis.  Was looking at them earlier and unintentionally hit the publish button instead of the close button on the second post without realising it.  Just this moment noticed, so I've returned part 12 to my draft file and decided to publish part 11 just in case you're wondering what the heck is going on.


JACK KIRBY's final issue of The FANTASTIC FOUR, sporting a cover by JOHN ROMITA and JOHN VERPOORTEN, and its near doppelganger, The TITANS #45, by - who?  Anyone know for sure?  The penciller's initials are SS so could be by STEVE STILES, and the inker is likely DUFFY VOHLAND.  There, I've suggested an answer to the question myself, but feel free to chip in your two cents worth, true believers.


-3- said...

Ah, ya big tease.
Here i thought you weren't able to resist the siren call any longer.
Good thing i don't get out of the cave much lately or i'd be devastatingly disappointed.

Meanwhile - these redesigned versions of the covers are still oddly fascinating. I wonder if Jack Kirby Collector ever looked at them?

Kid said...

I was checking them out and wondering if they were worth publishing because they were so 'slight', and decided to put off deciding until another time. Later on, noticed I'd inadvertently published the 2nd of the two, so had no option but to delete it and publish the one that preceded it. I don't think the JKC has ever looked at the Titan covers, 3, but one of the TwoMorrows mags did a couple of years or so back, while taking a look at British Marvel.

Nick Caputo said...


I'm pretty sure cover art is indeed Stiles and Vohland. And I wouldn't worry about a post being slight, if you think its worthwhile post it.

Kid said...

Well, the pics are usually worth showing, Nick, but I have to confess I was 'winging' ii with this series, which is why I didn't bother publishing the last two before I bailed out. It's good to know that you appreciate my humble efforts though.

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