Monday, 1 January 2018


"Hur, hur!  Fooled 'em all!"

It's annoying that I have to start the New Year still addressing this topic, but I'm simply not prepared to let someone whom I've conclusively demonstrated on past occasions to be a liar to get away with his latest disingenuous shenanigans unchallenged.

The facts:  This individual recently published a post about how time-consuming scanning comics is, and highlighted the fact that all his scans (with the exception of supplied publicity material) are from his own collection.  He has often been quite vociferous in his condemnation of people using scans that aren't theirs.  (And, to be fair, if that's how he feels, he's entitled to say so.)  Not long after this, I received a sarcastic 'anonymous' comment to my blog, insinuating that the images I use are not mine, and that I am exploiting not only the hard work of others, but also benefitting from the money they spend on old comics.  Coincidence?  Maybe.

I publish a post about DOCTOR WHO, expressing my belief that the character's recent gender change is not only down to a desperate attempt to be controversial in order to court publicity, but is also motivated by misandry and a feminist agenda.  He then publishes a 'tweet' taking a pop at grumpy old men who use 'phases' (phrases obviously) like 'misandry' and 'feminist agenda' in regard to Doctor Who changing gender.  Coincidence?  Unlikely.

I have on numerous occasions mentioned on my blog that the only two weekly comics to survive from the once vast selection during the (now gone) comic industry's heyday are The BEANO and 2000 A.D.  Not long after his above tweet, he takes another pop at 'grumpy gits' who say that there aren't any British comics apart from The Beano and 2000 A.D.  Incidentally, I have on quite a few occasions humorously described myself as a 'grumpy old git' on my blog.  Coincidence?  Don't be silly.

He denies that his comments were in any way about me, although he now concedes that given our past online 'clashes' (all of which were instigated by him), he 'supposes' he can see why I'd think they might have been.  And you can bet your entire collection of 1950s EAGLE comics that he knew I would when he made them.  Given that he was openly mocking the very opinions for which I and my blog are well-known, it would be remarkable if the likelihood of such a reaction had never occurred to him.

"But why would he want to stir things up again now?" you ask.  Well, it so happens that he's releasing one of his self-published comics this very month.  Or could the fact that he might benefit from an increased dose of attention and publicity be just... coincidence?  That's a hell of a lot of a coincidences.  And it's a 'coincidence' I actually predicted on this blog the last time he did this sort of thing when he had a comic to sell.

As GOLDFINGER said in the book of the same name:  "Once is happenstance.  Twice is coincidence.  The third time it's enemy action."  Yet still he sadly shakes his head as if a great injustice has been heaped upon him by a nasty, grumpy, paranoid 'troll' - while his sycophantic fans, desperate to bathe in the reflected (but faded) Beano glory of a contributor, lap up his every word and nod in eager acceptance of his protestations of innocence.  Not a thinking brain between the lot of them it would seem.

Right, done and dusted.  Anyone who can't (or won't) see the truth simply doesn't want to see it.  That's why MICHAEL JACKSON fans still think he was a saint.

 Coming next:  A post about comics or nostalgia - or maybe even both!


Lionel Hancock said...

You get em all .. This guy when not bitching about your blogs is probably constantly on the phone to some talk back radio station whinging about everything. He needs to take up knitting.

Kid said...

He probably already has, LH. It's not just me I'm defending, but folk like yourself who agree with me on the Doctor Who disgrace. Seems we're not allowed to hold a different opinion to the seemingly 'popular' one without being insulted for it.

Lionel Hancock said...

The viewing ratings will decide the fate of Dr Who. The pro gender change supporters seem to get a lot of coverage all of which I disagree with. Dr who has now changed direction and I am not on that trip.. I jump ship. And I suspect a good 50 percent of its audience will do the same.

-3- said...

One must take the source into account. Being "insulted" by some is actually an honor. In other cases, such as this one seems to be, the insults often come across more as frustrated expressions of insecurity or acknowledged self-inferiority.
Best to scrape it off your shoe and keep walking.

Kid said...

Time will tell, LH. (Oh, see what I did there?) It's a trip I won't be on either.


And that's what this post is about, 3 - scraping it off my shoe. (You can add a sh to it if you want.)

Warren JB said...

"Seems we're not allowed to hold a different opinion to the seemingly 'popular' one without being insulted for it."

I was on another blog today, bemoaning the fact that politicised topics usually devolve too quickly into namecalling, insults and subsequent dismissive attitudes. And the sense of disappointment and hypocrisy that one side - who would generally consider themselves on the side of open-mindedness and rational discourse over petty labelling and stereotypical generalisations - are just as quick to leap to that labelling as the close-minded reactionaries.

Call 'em grumpy old men; call 'em grandad; tell 'em to get a life. Reduce them - and yourself - to simplistic tribalists and strawmen. You get the fleeting smug glow of a child who just got one-up in the playground, and it saves having to put any damned effort into thinking and talking.

Sorry to get so mad, but twice in one day is enough to bring me to the end of my tether. I can admit to being a grumpy cynic regarding Doctor Who, since I vented my spleen in that last comment section and was done with it, but the childish twitter reactions - from someone old enough to be my dad - twist my tit more than a legion of gender-flipped fictional people (and it's immeasurably worse if the catalyst is the perceived state of the British comics industry. Really!?) no matter what side they're doing their name-calling for. Don't just insult and label people who are against your thing, just as they shouldn't fall back on insulting and labelling people who are for your thing*. Grow the fuck up instead.

(* I'll say at this point that I don't always 100% agree with what you say or how you say it, Kid, but I do appreciate the fact that you make your case in a calm manner first.)

Now, where are those Mowser scans?

Kid said...

I always state my case in a calm manner to start with, WJB, but once someone gets cheeky and insults me, then the gloves are off. If they're going to dish it out, then they have to be prepared to take it. You'll note that I reserved my retaliatory put-downs for the main perpetrator and those who applauded his impertinence. Anyway, there should be enough Mowser scans to keep you going for a while. Brilliant, aren't they? More when I can remember where I put my Lion & Thunder weeklies.

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