Sunday, 1 October 2017


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TARKAN is apparently a much bigger character than I gave him credit for, having appeared in comics and movies, though I knew him only from a 1973 British reprint mag.  Although I bought several issues, I was never too impressed with the whole thing, finding the art rather primitive compared to the American MARVEL and DC artists I was familiar with.  He first appeared in 1967, created by SEZGIN BURAK, and that's about as much interest or energy I can generate to tell you about this Turkish comic strip hero.  I recently re-acquired the first ish (for old times' sake), so thought I'd publish some pages here to give you a taste of what you didn't miss if you've never heard of the character before.

Big of me, eh?  Are you familiar with Tarkan and, if so, what's your take on this Turkish titan?  Tell all in the comments section.

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