Monday, 9 January 2012


Here we are again with some more artwork
from the forgotten files of yours truly.  As you
can see, the above caricature comes from 1997,
and is a scan of a colour photocopy of the original
coloured acrylic inks version.  Below is another
scan of a photocopy of the original black and
white pen drawing.  

The scan below is of a lasercopy of the
original pencil drawing, which had a slightly
softer look to it.  I enhanced the scan to make
the detail clearer, but it gains in some ways
and loses in others.

Below is the subject of the first picture,
a couple of years later with a different hair-
style.  Who knows, maybe she'll be on The
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW in fifty years,
being told the originals are worth a fortune?
(Excuse me, it's time for my medicine -
I'm hallucinating again.)

Tune in again in the near future to see what
 other items of interest might be on display.

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