Wednesday, 22 September 2010


"Ready or not, here I come!"

This clearly happy chappie is no doubt exulting in the fact
that, with his mighty DALEK in hand, no-one is going to risk
incurring his righteous wrath by trying to "take away his Break-
away".  (Actually, I don't think that particular biscuit was around
in 1965, but never mind.)  Look how fearless he is - he laughs - with
eyes recklessly closed - even in the face of deadly danger.  (Okay,
it's only Dad with a Box Brownie.)  This toy Dalek was manu-
factured by HERTS PLASTIC MOULDERS and  was sold
only in WOOLWORTHS stores back in the '60s.  Wish
I still had mine.  What about you?

"You lookin' at me? EXTERMINATE!"

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