Sunday, 25 July 2010


Following on from their re-release of AURORA's BIG FRANKIE kit a year or so ago, MOEBIUS have also released a GLOW-IN-THE-DARK version of the same kit.  The original model was only available or a period of about a year back in the '60s before being withdrawn, and was never issued as a luminous kit.  Moebius have now rectified this situation, so get your hands on this kit before it sells out - if it hasn't already.  See details below.

Non-glow Frankie - built and painted by me

(And what a thrill it is for me to finally own this classic model nearly 40 years after having first seen it advertised in the back pages of U.S. colour comicbooks and black and white magazines.)


What a fantastic looking new model - a scene straight from the 1931 UNIVERSAL PICTURES movie - FRANKENSTEIN.  Moebius are doing some terrific models, including rereleasing various Aurora models with their original box artwork.

Details can be found at - check it out.

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