Wednesday, 21 July 2010



ROBERT DE NIRO as the FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER?  Don't make me laugh! There's only one person who ever pulled off that gig, and that's KARLOFF The UNCANNY!  Boris - or as he was known to his pals - BILL PRATT (his given name being William Henry Pratt) - has never been bettered in his portrayal of the much-misunderstood and maligned monster, in my famously humble opinion.  (Though GLENN STRANGE & LON CHANEY Jr. gave honourable impersonations.  The less said about poor BELA LUGOSI's portrayal, the better.)

Regarding the image below, I originally drew the face freehand (using a photo as reference) back in around 1981/82.  Back in 1985 I was contributing to HUGH CAMPBELL's fanzine, FUSION, and I decided to knock up a cover for it.  I hand-lettered the logo, added some Letratone, drew the shoulders, then cut out a photocopy of my drawing of the head and stuck it down.  (I wasn't drawing all that again.)  The scan below comes from a poor photocopy of the original finished cover.

I can't recall if I ever sent it to Hugh (perhaps Fusion had folded before I got around to it), but it was never printed.  You're seeing it here for the very first time. (Actually, I'd previously used the head to do a cover for RON BENNETT's catalogue, SKYRACK's FANTASY TRADER, but I never got around to sending that either.)

Art & logo by Kid Robson

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