Friday, 8 July 2016


Image copyright DC COMICS & STUDIO CANAL S.A.

Admit it - this is one team-up you'd love to have seen on TV
back in the '60s.  Well, now you can read a 6-ish comic on the
meeting that never happened - until now.  Straight 'round to your
nearest comicbook store with you, m'lads (or lasses) - this is
one you'd be mad to miss.  First issue on sale now!


TC said...

Do Steed & Mrs. Peel look like Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg? Some fans complained about the artwork in the Batman '66/Man From U.N.C.L.E. comic. Apparently, DC did not obtain likeness rights for Robert Vaughn and David McCallum.

The Avengers episode "The Winged Avenger" was obviously a spoof of the Batman/camp comedy/comic book/pop art fad, with a plot that involved the cast and producers of a TV superhero series. IIRC, there was even a scene where a writer complained about the show's campy style, because he wanted the hero to have a grim Dark Knight image. And, at the end, Steed clobbered a villain by hitting him with drawing boards, which had "Bam!" "Pow!" pop art sound effects on them.

Kid said...

Although it's not obvious from the cover, TC, I'd say that the likenesses inside are based on Patrick and Diana - with some pictures better than others.

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