Monday, 5 May 2014


Now here's a surprise!  When I did my first post on DELUXE
intended as a one-off.  However, I revised what is now part one, adding
images to it and moving some from there to here - alongside new images
in this second instalment.  So check out the first post again at this link
- either before or after you read this one - because I'd hate for you
to miss anything.  (Yes, I really am that caring!)

The good thing about the short-lived Deluxe Comics series was
that, art-wise (in the main), the stories looked as if they could have
come from the original TOWER COMICS issues.  I wasn't wild about
KEITH GIFFEN's artwork on LIGHTNING - I'm not convinced that
his style is best-suited to a character with super-speed  - and there was
simply far too much blank space on some of his pages.  However, DAVE 
COCKRUM's art, inked by MURPHY ANDERSON, really hit the spot.
 I could've done without the swearing and 'sex' scenes (nothing graphic,
but completely unnecessary in my view), but overall, I'd say that the
5 issue run is the best revival yet of the '60s super-agents.

Incidentally, the cover illustration (by GEORGE PEREZ) for
#3 was also used as the 'next issue' illo on the back cover of #2, but
a change was made after the fact.  Did you spot it?  Jump back to part
one to compare and see of you make a good Sherlock.

Like what you see here?  Might be worth visiting eBay then,
and adding them to your collection.  Go on - do it now!


John Pitt said...

Is it part of the Maiden's mask is removed, so that Dynamo's not kissing iron?

Kid said...

Nope - try again. It's really obvious.

John Pitt said...

Oh yeah, different line - up down the sides! - couldn't concentrate, - my eyes kept getting drawn further down the page to Phoenicia!!

Kid said...

Based on George Perez's wife, JP -who was a belly dancer under the name of Phoenicia.

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