Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Since I removed the anonymous comments option on my blog
a few months ago, I haven't been receiving any abusive remarks,
but initially my hits went down. Recently however, my hits have went
right up, but I've noticed that some of the Referring URLs and Refer-
ring Sites are, going by their names, seriously dodgy sex sites (trannie
porn and that sort of thing) and supposedly-tracking free search
engines that hide people's identities.

Now, obviously I'm not about to click on the more dodgy
ones, but I Googled one which turned out not to be a porn site,
but an aforementioned search engine. I looked again at my Stats and
clicked on the name - only to be taken to my own blog-page. This was
odd, because I sign in to my blog via Google, not 'anonymous' search
engines, but things got even stranger. If I left it for a while and clicked
on it later, the results were different each time; either I'd get taken
to someone else's blog (ones which are in my blog list, which is
how I visit them), my own blog, or a search page for a
search box I don't subscribe to.

Not too long ago, I received alerts from Yahoo and Google,
advising me to change my passwords because of suspicious activity
around my email addresses (someone trying to sign in to my Yahoo
account from America. for example), which I did, but not before I'd
received emails in one of my other accounts from people bearing the
names of folk I knew, but (when I checked) turned out not to be from
them. Today, when I clicked on one Referring URL, it took me to
someone's blog I seldom visit, which in turn brought me a visit
from him, which is not something that would happen under
normal circumstances.

The result is I'm going to have my computer checked to
make sure I haven't been hacked again, as is what appears to
have happened a couple of months ago. I don't know how long
it will take to get the 'all-clear' (an expert will be arriving soon to
check it out), but it could take hours or days, so if there isn't
any activity on this blog for a while, you'll know why.

Normal service will hopefully be restored as soon as
possible. In the meantime, be careful what you click on.


UPDATE: Right, I've now had my computer thoroughly
checked out, and 'though I can't say with any certainty whether
on this occasion I was hacked or not, some suspicious trojans
were removed and my security upgraded. Be careful if you get an
invitation to change your default search engine - even if you click
the 'decline' option, sometimes you're still accepting it. Also, some
legitimate sites have imposters which look like the real deal, but
are malicious viruses which can take over your computer.

A few months ago, a friend received an email from my
Google account, containing what seemed to be an extract from
Harry Potter. It had indeed been sent from my email address, but
- I hadn't sent it. It seems to have been a try-out by an intruder to
see if his invasion had worked. Neither of us was certain if we'd
both been hacked or only one of us, so we both changed our
passwords and the problem seemed to be solved.

So, the lesson is clear - remain vigilant.


vwstieber said...

Did I just learn from your post that trannie porn is safer than Google search?

Which should really link us back to last week's Rawhide Kid discussion...

Kid said...

Wouldn't know, WS - never clicked on the obviously dodgy ones, and if I'm uncertain, I Google them first to get some info on them. If they're porn I ignore them. Google search is okay, as far as I know - it's the ones that try and take over your computer by stealth or trickery that are unsafe. And the Rawhide Kid's straight, I tell you - straight.

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