Sunday, 22 July 2012


Regular readers may have noticed the occasional responses
to some of my posts by a certain gentleman calling himself Moon-
mando.  Who is this mysterious and elusive creature of the night,
and why does he appear to have nothing better to do than astound
us with his keen, insightful and thought-provoking comments on
the wit and wisdom so freely bestowed upon Blogger-land
on a daily basis by my good self?

Well, now the secret can be revealed!  Moonmando is
none other than a talented guitarist who delights in strumming
his fingers down to the bone in his selfless efforts to entertain all
lovers of good music.  Whether it be of the folk, country or clas-
sical variety, Moonmando gives it laldy on your behalf, and can
often be found playing, singing or composing in his own private
studio long into the night, in his all-consuming quest to mas-
ter the intricacies of some musical masterpiece.

But don't take my word for it.  Why not click on this
link and see and hear for yourself just how accomplished
he is in his chosen craft?  Go on, it'll give you a break from
reading my blog at the very least. (Hey, where the heck
    did everyone suddenly go?  Fair-weather friends.)   


moonmando said...

Gadzooks!! I`ve been exposed!
Titter ye not missus it has all been done in the best possible taste..ithink?
Well you could have used a better photo,at least!
Something exhuding a bit more panache,charm and sophistication.
Perhaps more bond like...Hmmm
If they could just invent a camera with the ability to take a snapshot of one`s imagination,i`m sure you would find the said image somewhere in there,amongst all the other junk that flows like flotsam and jetsam through the eddys and pools of my inner world.

Kid said...

A better photo? What are you talking about? You've got HAIR! (And I don't mean of the flesh-coloured variety.)

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