Thursday, 26 July 2012


Most people will remember her as ROMANA, assistant and fellow
(didn't look like a fellow to me) Time Lord to TOM BAKER's DOCTOR
WHO in the long-running BBC science-fiction series. However, I can't help
but think of her as TERRY COLLIER's Finnish girlfriend, CHRISTINA,
in THE LIKELY LADS, the film version of the popular television series in
the '60s and '70s. (The '70s series was called WHATEVER HAPPENED
TO THE LIKELY LADS - without a question mark.)

I'm referring to actress MARY TAMM, who has sadly died from
cancer at the far-too young age of sixty-two. Mary appeared in various
movies, television, and theatre productions, but it's perhaps as Romana
that she'll be best remembered by viewers of a certain age. What's more
important however, is that she'll be remembered as a loving wife, mother,
and comrade by her family and friends, and all those who were
closest to her.

At the end of the day, that's all anyone can hope for.  


Mr Straightman said...

I put me slippers on and walked her to the bus stop...

You're hardly Omar Sharif, are you?

If Omar Sharif lived in Gateshead, even he wouldn't be Omar Sharif!

Kid said...

It's a brilliant movie, full of great one-liners.

"It's the first time all night I've known what he's got in his hand." (Thelma to Bob and Chris as they listen to Terry taking a pee against the back of the caravan after playing Bridge.)

Mr Straightman said...

I'd offer you a beer but I've only got six cans.

Kid said...

"In the chocolate box of life, the top layer's already gone...and someone's pinched the orange cream from the bottom."

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