Sunday, 22 July 2012


I found this unfinished pencil sketch in a folder earlier today.  It was
started when I was living down in Southsea in Portsmouth in 1985, copied
from a photograph in an art book of the author, whose name I've long since
forgotten.  (In fact, I can't even remember the name of the book.  If anyone
knows, feel free to pass it on.)  I never got to finish it before having to hand
the book back in to the library, being too busy pursuing my career as a
calligraphic artist (okay then...a letterer) in the world of comics.

At the beginning of the book was a quotation from MICHELANGELO,
which I was so impressed by that I made a note of it.  Hopefully, if you
harbour any artistic aspirations, it may inspire you to achieve them.

"Let this be plain to all:  design, or as it is called by another
name, drawing, constitutes the fountain-head and substance
of painting and sculpture and architecture and every other
kind of painting, and is the root of all sciences.  Let him who
has attained the possession of this be assured that he
possesses a great treasure;..."

Now - go forth and conquer!


wayne thompson said...

Nice pencil work Kid.

Kid said...

Thanks, Wayne.

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