Thursday, 19 January 2012

24 HOUR BLACKOUT? BAH, HUMBUG!'s an upside down world!

I notice that some sites (Wikipedia for one) made themselves unavailable
for 24 hours in protest at the proposed copyright clampdown on the internet
that the U.S. government are considering at the moment. Seems to me akin
to going on hungerstrike to protest about food restrictions - or taking a
vow of silence to protest about threats to freedom of speech. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Although it seems to have worked...


Kid said...

It was the irony of inflicting on people the very thing you're warning them about in order to get them onside which I was commenting upon, regardless whether it's effective or not.

It's a bit like the police going on strike to protest about cuts in the force which they claim would lead to an increase in crime. And while they're striking, that's exactly what's happening.

Kid said...

CoryJay, my refusal to publish your feeble attempts to insult me by sending me impertinent comments on concepts you don't understand makes you an IMPOTENT fool. Now why don't you go and do your remedial school homework and stop being such a pillock?