Monday, 6 July 2015


Here it is - the final part of The TITANS centre-spread
poster gallery, including the one comprising two parts from
SUPER SPIDER-MAN in a crossover promotion between
the two titles.  (In other words, a ploy to get you to purchase
a comic you didn't usually buy.)

Okay, folks, that wraps it up for this series.  Drop in
again soon to see what else Crivens! has up its sleeve.


JIM REEVES backing band were called
The BLUE BOYS.  Appropriate, given the
title of this song.  Take it away, Jim.


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Strange as it may seem, many MARVEL fans who bought the
ODHAMS POWER COMICS back in the '60s, tend to think that -
ALAN CLASS monthly mags aside - Marvel reprints in Britain all but
disappeared until The MIGHTY WORLD Of MARVEL was launched 
in 1972.  What they apparently forget (and I include myself) is that TV21
published various Marvel tales within its pages from issue #62 (cover-
dated November 28th 1970) to #105 (cover-dated September 25th
1971), which was its final issue before being merged with IPC's
VALIANT.  (The Marvel strips didn't survive the merger.)

Over a span of 10 months, The SPIDER-MAN, The SILVER
SURFER (with a guest-appearance from The FF), The GHOST
RIDER (that's the one with a horse, not a motorcycle), RINGO KID,
HOMER The HAPPY GHOST, and perhaps one or two other strips,
dominated up to half the comic some weeks - so it's strange that so many
comic fans appear to have forgotten Marvel's continued presence in the
world of U.K. comics between March 1969 and September/October
1972.  (The dates when SMASH! abandoned Marvel reprints
and MWOM went on sale, respectively.)

Perhaps it was the brevity of their presence.  After all, 44
issues can hardly be considered a long run and, as far as I can re-
call (without looking at every issue), none of the Marvel strips were
ever featured on the cover - apart from an occasional mention in
the banner, but certainly never in a prominent way. 

Anyway, as a little treat, here's a look at the Marvel content
of the first issue (#62, new series) of TV21 to feature such strips.
Cast your eyes carefully over each creatively-crafted page.  Are you
starting to remember?  Are memories, long suppressed, clawing their
way from the back of your brain to burst once more into the warm glare
of welcoming recognition?  Then congratulations!  You are whole once
more and your past is once again your present.  I have done my job
and done it well, so it's time for me to leave you and your joyous
reminiscences to spend some time together alone.  After all,
you know what they say - three's a crowd.

See you next post.

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Sunday, 5 July 2015


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And now, the penultimate part of The TITANS poster gallery.
Only one more post and "that's all she wrote", fellow fans.  Some
of these centre-spreads were perhaps not as dynamic as they could
or should have been, but full marks to MARVEL for at least trying
to do something different.  As I've said before 'though, it's just a
shame that they weren't presented in full-colour.

Anyway, be sure to come back for the wrap-up in the final
post in the series, on this, the absolutely best blog in the history
of something-or-other, but don't press me on the details.


The above poster was given away with MARVEL U.K.'s PLANET
Of The APES #1 in 1974.  The same illustration was the actual cover of
the U.S. monthly, just in case you were thinking you'd seen it somewhere
before.  (Well, you were right - you had!)


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

MARVEL had been publishing their weekly periodicals in Britain
for a while, when, perhaps responding to some readers' requests, they
asked the rest of us if we'd like to see more original covers.  To my mind,
'original' covers meant the original covers which had first appeared on
the U.S. mags, not newly-originated ones for the U.K. comics, which
seemed to be what Marvel had in mind.  I responded, saying "Yes, more
original covers please!" - as, no doubt, did quite a few other Marvelites,
because, before too long, the weeklies sported brand-new (and, a few
exceptions apart, mostly inferior) cover art all across the board.

I eventually twigged to what had happened regarding the differing
interpretations of what was meant by 'original', but, going by the poor
reception of many of the 'new' covers featured on this blog, I had the right
idea and Marvel had the wrong one.  (I exclude JIM STARLIN's covers
on early issues of MWOM because I actually like them.)  Perhaps, had
Marvel stuck with more 'classic' covers from the original U.S. issues,
their titles may have enjoyed a greater success. 

So what say you readers?  Did you care much for the specially-pro-
duced, newly-drawn cover art on the Marvel weeklies of your youth,
or, like me, did you prefer to see the classic covers that had first graced
the initial printings of these early titanic tales?  Make your valued views
known in the comments section - the fate of the free world hangs in
the balance!  (Well, f I'm gonna lie, I like  to make it a big one.)

This cover illo was also pressed into service as a splash page in the very
nest issue.  Not quite in the same league as the SURFER cover above, eh?


Again - the velvet-voiced JIM REEVES,
singing about a lost love - ANNA MARIE.
(Hankies at the ready.)


Move over JONES - here's INDIANA
JANE to the rescue!  I know which one I
prefer.  (And she isn't afraid of snakes.)


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

At last, The SILVER SURFER had arrived!  He'd been here before of
course, in the pages of an ailing TV21, but those reprints had been re-sized
and re-dialogued, and, in the process, had lost something of their MARVEL
'magic'.  In the pages of The SUPER-HEROES they remained largely un-
altered - apart from the early tales being split over two issues on account
of them being 38-40 pages long.

Bringing up the rear of the mag was The X-MEN, the origin of which had
previously been presented in The MIGHTY WORLD Of MARVEL, but it
was rolled out once more to kick-off the series proper.  I don't want to say too
much at this point as I'd prefer to reveal things bit by bit as we go along, but
I can guarantee it'll be worth your while coming back to view the awesome
images that lay in store for you in this sensational series.

However, that's enough from me for the moment until part two - let's
read what STAN (The Man) LEE himself has to say about it all!