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Stan 'the Man' Lee certainly knows how to
react to a camera pointing in his direction

Just time for a quick post to allay fears that I've disappeared off the face of the globe or have turned up my tootsies.  Way back on Friday, 15th November 1991, STAN LEE visited a Glasgow comicbook store to promote the late LES DANIELS' hefty new volume, MARVEL - FIVE FABULOUS DECADES Of The WORLD'S GREATEST COMICS.  Why Stan and not Les, you may wonder.  Simply put, Stan was a bigger draw than Les - and he had written the intro, so his presence wasn't entirely without merit.

Also in attendance that day were SPIDER-MAN, GRANT MORRISON, MARK MILLAR and myself, who assumed the role of unelected 'official' photographer, and snapped around a dozen photos of the event.  (Well, that's not quite true - obviously the pics of me and Stan together [and Spidey] were taken by someone else - but with my camera.)

So here's a whistle-stop tour of the palpitating photographs taken on the day.  It goes without saying, of course, that everyone was thrilled to meet Stan, and, great guy that he is, he gave every impression of being just as equally thrilled to meet the punters.  Wotta legend! 

Spidey hogs a little attention while Stan is distracted

Stan busies himself with signing books for the long queue of fans...

...then poses for a few photos with shop staff and select visitors 

Grant and Stan have appeared together at conventions
quite a few times since this picture was taken, I believe

"Come back when you're more famous!" jokes Stan with Mark

I suspect Spidey may have been a 'ringer' - he had an English accent

You can't quite see the fiver Stan's handing me to pose with him

Me and Stan - the best of pals.  "Who is this guy?" he's thinking

"Wish I'd brought a rubber stamp with my name on it!" thinks Stan

Sadly, I don't think these two wannabes ever amounted to much

Finally, here's a cheerful chappie with Stan, looking happy as Larry (Lieber, perhaps?) 


Arfon Jones said...

Excellent! and what great photos?! It was around this time I was wondering if I would ever get to meet Stan! 23 years later... Excellent post sir :)

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating set of photos - the young Grant Morrison and Mark Millar together and Stan Lee and yourself looking strikingly handsome and dapper there, Kid ! To me the "real life" Spidey mask always looks a bit strange with the nose poking through the material which you never see in the comics - which is why superheroes always look better in comics !

John Pitt said...

I've seen you with Stan before, but it's good to see more photos of the day. I love the man and won't hear a bad word said about him for the sheer joy he has given to humanity.
Now, what was the name of that other "person" ? Ike ? Nah, forgotten him already. He is NOTHING to me!
Anyway, hope things are on the up for you, Kidda ( as we say up here in the North East . One day I MUST comment in our own language!! )

Simon B ( formerly cerebus660 ) said...

Great photos, Kid! Stan IS the Man!

And Grant Morrison... with hair! :-)

moonmando said...

Glad you are back Kid! i do`nt always post but i do like to read your musings.Also,your babe of the day never fails to bring a smile.

Kid said...

Thanks, AJ - glad you enjoyed it.


Regarding Spidey's mask, CJ, because of the way Ditko (in particular) drew Spidey's head in profile, it was always pretty obvious to me that he had a nose. Harder to show from the front 'though, in line art with flat colour. As for me looking dapper - I was freelancing for Marvel at the time, so I had to dress up for the 'boss'.


I hear that Ike is going to cancel the Fantastic Four mag so as not to give free publicity to the new movie in development, JP, which isn't being made by Marvel Studios. You'd have thought a good businessman would have realised that the comic would benefit more from the movie than vice versa.


That's only a skin-cap he wears nowadays, Cer, in order to look more like Professor X.


Not quite back yet, Moony - still attending to unforeseen circumstances. I'll try and rustle up a babe when I get a spare mo.

(My comments originally posted separately on November 8th-11th, 2014.)

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