Tuesday, 12 June 2012



The countdown has begun - 10... 9... 8... 7... 6 - but the next five will have to wait 'til Part Nine, which will be the final instalment of our TERRIFIC COVER GALLERY series we've been running over the last few months.  This current crop of covers and back-page POWER HOUSE pin-ups have artwork by KIRBY, DITKO, EVERETT and SMITH (yup, you guessed it - Barry Smith - before the Windsor), so they're not to be sneezed at.

Smith was only around 18 or so at the time he was drawing for ODHAMS PRESS, and the Kirbyesque influence is still discernible in his work.  A year or two later, he went to the U.S. with pal STEVE PARKHOUSE (reputed to also have contributed some pin-ups to the Power Comics), to seek fame and fortune.  Wonder what happened to them, eh?  Were they ever heard of again?

Regarding #38's cover, I recall reading the GIANT-MAN HULK story within, and strongly associate it with Christmas-time.  (Which makes sense, as the comic is dated December 30th - though it would've come out the week before, on the 23rd.) However, the story had previously been reprinted in SMASH!, so I no doubt read it in that title also.

Tune in again soon - for the last part of this Terrific series.  You don't want to miss the final five.


For Part Seven, click here.

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