Saturday, 12 November 2011


As reported on other sites (TERRY HOOPER's COMIC BITS
ONLINE being the first), MICK ANGLO, creator of MARVELMAN
died recently. To be honest, as Marvelman was merely an imitation of
FAWCETT's CAPTAIN MARVEL, I'm not sure if 'creator' strictly
applies in ol' MM's case, but I don't have an axe to grind over it.

Mick was also the editor of SUPER DC, a British monthly magazine
which featured resized reprints of various superheroes from the stable
back in 1969/'70, and I have very fond memories of the title.

Now that MARVEL own the rights to Marvelman, Mick can be
regarded as having been associated with Marvel and DC - no mean feat
for any British comics person. In memory of Mick, I've decided to focus on
Super DC, as I was never really into Marvelman when I was a kid. Although,
ironically, I later lettered the sample pages submitted to Marvel when they
were in negotiations for the character. No doubt it was my fantastic hand-
lettering which clinched the deal. Harrummmphh! (Sorry, there
seems to be something stuck in my throat.)

I seem to remember the mighty DEZ SKINN saying somewhere that
Mick, as well as his duties as editor, also drew the covers for Super DC.
If anyone can confirm that, feel free to do so in the comments section. If
it wasn't him and anyone can identify the artist, let me know and I'll be
sure to give him a credit.

According to the late comics collector and historian  DENIS GIFFORD,
there were fourteen issues of Super DC. I have the first thirteen issues,
so if anyone has the elusive fourteenth, sell it to me or kindly send me a
scan of the cover so I can feature it in the second part of this tribute.

MAURICE ANGLOWITZ, born on June 16th 1916, died on October
31st 2011, aged 95. In his time, he worked as an editor, writer and artist -
a one-man team supreme you might say. He could probably letter as well.
Obviously he was at the front of the queue when talent was being handed
out. (Despite BATMAN's stunted left leg on the cover of issue #2.) 

Look out for Part Two soon.


Dougie said...

I recall reading some of the early issues of Super DC but I'm vague about the contents. I remember "The Round-Robin Death Threats" and the first Space Canine Patrol Agency story. I was more interested in the features: a Cybermen photo-spread in one issue and a Lore of the Legion feature serialised in a couple more.

Kid said...

I may well scan them and feature them in a future post.

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