Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Issue #1.  Images copyright relevant owner

One of my favourite comics as a boy was THUNDER, containing such gems as ADAM ETERNO, STEEL COMMANDO, BLACK MAX, GAUNTLET Of FATE, and various others, including a couple of one-page humour strips.  Looking back at my collection, over 40 years later, I'm surprised by how boring the covers were - perhaps the most effective were issues 23 - and it was probably the comic's inability to stand out on the newsagent's counter which contributed to its remarkably short lifespan of only 22 issues.

Issue #2

Thunder's most impressive strip was undoubtedly Adam Eterno, the man who couldn't die - unless struck a fatal blow by an object made of solid gold.  (So a glancing blow on the back of his head from a gold-plated cigarette lighter was hardly going to bring him down.)  Adam survived for quite a few years, first when Thunder was absorbed by LION, and then when Lion was merged with VALIANT - before disappearing into comics limbo and the fond memories of former readers lucky enough to have caught this short-lived comic thunderclap.

Issue #3

Below:  The first-ever instalment of Adam Eterno from Thunder #1.

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Anonymous said...

Really nice to see these issues of Thunder again I would love to pick these up but never seem to see them around. I used to love this comic as a kid - Issue 3s cover is wonderful(is that Tom Kerrs work?)McScotty

Kid said...

It sure looks like Tom Kerr's work to me. He also drew the first Adam Eterno strip.

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