Saturday, 19 February 2011


Regular readers of my humble posts will have noticed the excellent
LETTERS OF NOTE website in my blog list on the right-hand side of
the page. Taking a leaf out of its book, here's a letter which cartoonist
TERRY BAVE sent to me in response to an inaccurate (obviously) report
of his demise in an issue of CRIKEY!, a magazine mainly devoted to
British comics and strip cartoons.

It demonstrates Terry's wonderful sense of humour in even the
most morbid circumstances, and I'm (fairly) sure he wouldn't mind
me sharing it with you here.

Incidentally, Terry is still with us - Crikey! isn't.


Transcript follows:

Hi Gordon,

You are not the first to be taken
in by that stupid 'CRIKEY' story I'm afraid.
At least it's nice to see what people say about
me 'after I'm gone!'

All good wishes,
Terry & Shiela

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