Sunday, 12 December 2010


Copyright: Raymond P. Cusick & Terry Nation

Back in 1989, RAYMOND CUSICK, the designer of the DALEKS, was invited by DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE to design a new version of the pepper-pot menaces - what you see is the result.

Mr. Cusick explained:  "The original Dalek design was governed by cost.  I think we produced the original three for something like £250.  I visualised the surface of the new Dalek as textured, some metal or substance quite unlike anything found on earth.  The original Daleks were very smooth and polished.  It (the new version) would be dark green or blue in colour.  Also, I didn't want to make them any smaller - they should have menace. Generally, small objects lack that. But they still wouldn't be as big as humans.  I imagine my design would be film-scale budget, but it could be modified for television.  I'd like to develop it further..."

And there you have it - yet another fascinating  glimpse into the world of 'what might've been'.

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