Thursday, 26 June 2014


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Recently, I posted the complete issue of HOOT #1 on this blog
so that those of you who bought it as kids could re-acquaint yourselves
with its treasures, and to show those who weren't around at the time just
what they missed.  Hoot came out at a time when I was mainly buying only
the first three, free-gift issues of any new British comic (unless it was one
I really wanted to collect in its entirety), but for some reason I missed
#2, so only had the first and third issues, along with #10, which
was the Christmas number, in my collection.

Not any more!  Today I took possession of that second ish, there-
by fulfilling my original, nearly 29 year old intention of acquiring the
first three issues.  It may have taken me almost 30 years (28 and a half,
to be a tad more precise), but I got there in the end.  Here's the cover
and some of the interior pages so that you can all rejoice along with
me in my 'new' acquisition.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, what would you do without e-bay ?!

TwoHeadedBoy said...

I'm just a few months older than the first issue of Hoot... Maybe that might explain my particular feelings for it?

An "affinity", if you will?

Kid said...

I'd be the poorer for all sorts of things without it, that's for sure, Col.


It's not a bad little comic - nothing brilliant, but not bad. Maybe one day I'll collect the remaining 50 issues, THB.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Quite a nice looking comic, I was aware of it at the time but being about 25 when it came out I wasn't buying kids comics (to be honest I stopped buying kids humour comics at about 11 years old barring the odd issue here and there) - like the Hoot Squad lovely cartooning

Kid said...

I'd mostly given up on them too, McScotty, but usually bought the first three issues of any new comic. I still bought the Christmas number of The Beano every year 'though.

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