Thursday, 19 June 2014


by SIMON & KIRBY - was another comic that didn't last too long
in its original run, and failed to make waves with a one-issue revival.
Published in 1954 by CRESTWOOD PUBLICATIONS under their
PRIZE COMICS imprint, this creator-owned mag lasted just seven
issues before disappearing until 1966, when HARVEY COMICS
released the afore-mentioned one-shot, containing reprints and
unpublished inventory material.

Originally envisioned as a serious adventure strip, it changed
direction in later issues and became a satirical superhero series,
but failed to set the comics-buying world aflame.  It had a somewhat
macabre premise, in that the hero, NELSON FLAGG, has his life-
force and consciousness transferred (via U.S. Military experimental
technology) into the revitalized and strengthened corpse of his
recently murdered older brother, JOHNNY.

MARVEL COMICS released a hardback collection of the
stories in 1989, but it's from a 2011 TITAN BOOKS edition with
more accurate reproductions that most of these covers (with one ex-
ception) come.  Also included is the cover for an unpublished Harvey
follow-up issue, which tends to suggest that a regular monthly or bi-
monthly title was being considered if the first one sold well.
(Which it obviously didn't.)

Well, what are you waiting for?  Enjoy!


baab said...

I just thumbed my way through my Marvel hardback edition and the reproduction is quite black ink heavy.

I may have a wee look at the Titan edition.

I cant add much more than they are great comics with great humour and creativity especially the 'bad guys'.

Kid said...

They strike me as being okay, nothing brilliant, Baab. However, perhaps if I'd read them as a teenager they'd have made more of an impression. You can see a review of the Titan edition in the post 'Will Someone Please Give Johnny Flagg A Fighting Chance...?'. There's also a larger volume containing the complete Fighting American issues as well as other stories and the reproduction is much clearer due to better printing.

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