Sunday, 8 June 2014


How can you go almost 50 years into the past and the future at
the same time?  Simple!  By looking at the covers of TV CENTURY 21,
which came out in the mid-'60s and was dated 100 years ahead of when it
went on sale.  Strictly speaking, that should've given it a lengthy time on
the newsagents' shelves, but as it more or less sold out pretty quickly,
that wasn't something that newsagents ever had to worry about.

The original logo lasted for 51 issues before being replaced with a
more compact one, a version of which had first appeared on the 1966
Annual - although that had gone on sale in August or September of the
previous year.  It's strange, but I'd been living in a new house for nearly
two months when issue #52 appeared, but for some reason I seem
to associate the new logo with my former house as much (if not
more) as I do my then-current one.

on TV at the time, and I remember (horrors) cutting the strip of the
TRACY brothers from the cover below and putting it on my bedroom
wall, probably the first example of me ever mutilating a comic for such a
purpose.  It's memories like this that remind me of how uncomplicated
life seemed for a kid back in the '60s, and I often wish it were the
same for me today.

Anyway, I'm sure you're eager to relive your own childhood
recollections of these great comics, so I'll leave you to get on with
it without any further interruptions from me. 


John Pitt said...

My mutilations were even worse! When I got fed up waiting for the Daleks to come back I ended up just keeping the back pages, Dalek covers & features and slinging the rest! Even these were eventually handed down. Such sacrilidge! What a waste!

Kid said...

I wish (as I've said before) that someone would do a full-sized, hardback, deluxe volume of those Daleks stories, JP. I loved them, and thought that TV21 was the poorer for their absence.

Bods M said...

Hi Kid / JP
I think I can Better both of your mutilations,having faithfully kept all editions and free gifts, I cut up my collection for all the real space program related feature's. Too this day I know not what came over me.Obsession with the dream of space flight / travel? who knows and to my shame I still have the Evidence!

Kid said...

If you still have the free gifts, BM, you should consider making facsimiles of the decoder and Fireball model and selling them (as facsimiles) on eBay. There are bound to be loads of people who'd love to recapture a slice of their childhood for a reasonable price.

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