Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Images copyright DC COMICS

Let's now look at the next part of The SUPER HEROES cover
gallery, including some interior pages from this early '80s mag for those
who may never have seen it before.  (Yes, I know - my consideration has
no limits.)  The good thing about this title was that it reprinted a variety
of stories from different decades, and also included various features to
fill in readers with the history of the DC COMICS Universe.  A
superb little monthly, and tremendous value at only 40p.

The mag had a mixture of great, good, nice, and slightly dodgy
(going by #12) cover art by a variety of U.K. talent around at the time
(and some of them still are), but it was the classic content which was the
main attraction in most cases, although I'm sure that in some instances
the covers must've led to a few extra sales (#7 from part three being
a prime example of the sort of attention-grabber I mean).

Anyway, that's enough pointless padding from me;  I now unleash
these iconic images upon you to delight your world-weary eyes.


John Pitt said...

This mag could and should have ran for years when you think of the abundance of original material they could have used. Had it started in the early 70's I reckon it would have had a much longer run.

Kid said...

I wonder if it might have had a greater impact if it'd been a 40 page weekly like MWOM, JP. Especially, like you suggest, it had come out in the early '70s.

Barry Pearl said...

This a a beautiful blog!

Kid said...

Thank you, Barry - as are all your posts. Who's that smart-@rse Scots editor you sometimes use 'though? If you ask me, he's just a freeloader trying to steal credit for all your hard work.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Nice selection of great artists here, good to see Joe Staton and Neal Adams in any comic. I never got these issues when they came out and this is the first time I have seen them - the cover of issue 12 looks like a major rush job -

Kid said...

I think there being no individual's name attached to it tends to confirm that the artist probably didn't consider it his or her best job, McScotty. Nice colours 'though.

Marionette said...

There's something very off about Huntress's proportions in that first cover. She's all kind of bunched up in the middle.

Kid said...

Yeah - bit I still would (he said, in his common, sexist way.) Never mind that 'though - look at the space under Batman's cowl and between his top lip. It's a chasm!

Dougie said...

I loved that Huntress issue although the "streetwalker" imagery seems rather dubious now.

After the Crisis, the character failed to click with me, just becoming Mafia Batgirl.

Kid said...

After the Crisis, Dougie, I think I just read the Superman, Batman and Flash titles (and maybe Wonder Woman), so I'm not too familiar with what DC did with The Huntress. I doubt I missed much.

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