Tuesday, 13 May 2014


I sometimes astound myself with my cleverness.  (I typed that with
great humility you'll be glad to hear.)  Faced with paying £29 to join a club
in order to purchase a CD which is available only to members, I decided to
make my own.  I already had the audio content on cassette tape and DVD,
and a quick tour of the internet supplied me with the visuals I needed, so -
quicker than you could say INTRODUCING CAPTAIN SCARLET -
I had the professional-looking (and sounding) Compact Disc you see
here.  (Only for my own private and personal use, of course.)

Pretty nifty, eh?

UPDATE:  On reflection, I thought I'd make the label as much like
the original as possible, so with a little revision (removal of 'Side A'
and 'Part 1') here's the final finished version.  I've now also acquired
the actual mini-album from eBay, so I'm a very happy chappie.


John Pitt said...

It looks great, Kid! There are a few different CS themes on YouTube, so it could even be done without having the originals.

Kid said...

I've got all the Captain Scarlet ones on cassette tape, JP (they were re-released in the early '90s), but 'Introducing' is the one I wanted to look good as I had the original mini-album in the '60s. I could've bought one of eBay recently, but the cover was too creased.

You were correct in your (edited) guess as well.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I wouldn't have a clue about doing what you've done here so I'm definitely impressed. I'm a bit too young to remember Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet when they were originally broadcast, it's Joe 90 that's "my" Gerry Anderson series. In the early '70s my Gran had a colour TV as soon as they became available in the UK and I remember watching Joe 90 on her TV and being in awe of the colour pictures. Do you prefer the Thunderbirds/Stingray style of puppets or the more realistic look of Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 ?

Kid said...

Well, it certainly seems that the kiddie public preferred the bigger-headed puppets, as Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 didn't appear to have the same success as the earlier series. However, I like both. Captain Scarlet was a darker series, so it suited the more realistic look. When I think back 'though, I think Gerry should have made Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 as live-action programmes - if technology and the budget would have allowed, of course. After all, if you're going to make puppets look real, you may as well use real people.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I saw a interview with Gerry Anderson from around the time of the Captain Scarlet remake, where he stated he really didn't like puppets, he was pretty emphatic about it too. It's interesting though because I think his dissatisfaction with the technique probably drove the technical innovations. You can see a clear progression from four feather falls up to Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet, which I think probably both represent the peak in achievement but through different styles. I was, pretty keen on the Scarlet look when I was kid, today it looks a teeny bit static, although the half hour format helps to carry it.

Incidentally, I did quite like the Scarlet remake. Quite a bit punchier than the usual Saturday morning fair, as you'd expect from Anderson. The CG looks a bit clunky in some places, some weird textures but the general level of integration of motion capture with animation was excellent. By the way, I'm told there are two versions of White as Snow, would you be having both of them?

Kid said...

Yeah, he always came across as being hugely embarrassed by his involvement in puppet series, up until the last few years of his life when he seemed, finally, to have come to terms with it. I thought the Scarlet remake was also good, although I haven't watched the 2nd series yet. To be honest, DSE, I wouldn't know if I've got both versions - what's the difference between them, do you know?

DeadSpiderEye said...

I'm not sure what the differences are with the White of Snow versions. I'm only personally acquainted with the version that accompanies the satellite re-entry. That version has key change and a shift in tempo, to indicate imminent peril I suppose. I imagine the other version would a flat tempo but I'm not really sure.

Kid said...

I'll let you know when I watch it again, DSE. ('Again' if it's in the first series, for the first time if it's in the second.)

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