Tuesday, 20 May 2014


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 While a certain someone who looks like he's never fed anyone in
his life but himself witters on about feeding a 'troll' (don't worry - that's
what they call an 'in'joke'), let's you and me take a look at another instal-
ment of The THING cover and splash page gallery.  I've been thumbing
through the issues before scanning, and I must say I'm quite impressed by
the overall quality of RON WILSON's art in this series - it's certainly
better than I remember it (and I liked it at the time).

I've re-read the first couple of issues so far, and plan on working
my way through the rest of them.  After all, what's the point in keeping
comics for over 30 years and not revisiting them every now and again?
Interestingly, as celebrated as JOHN BYRNE was at the time, his Thing
series didn't appear to be as popular as the title which had preceded it -
MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE, which lasted 100 issues, compared to
the Thing's 36 issue solo mag.

If you have any theories as to why, feel free to share them.
In the meantime, enjoy these images from so very long ago.


Colin Jones said...

Perhaps it was the team-up element of Marvel Two-In-One that made it more popular, I know it was always interesting to see who the latest team-up partner would be. Kid, your comment about what's the point of keeping comics for years without ever looking at them may apply to you but I think a lot of collectors never look at what they've got and keep their possessions locked away which does make me wonder what the point of collecting is in a lot of cases. I don't like Alicia's buzzcut - it's almost as bad as Storm's mohican.

Kid said...

That's what I think too, CJ - The Thing and Spider-Man (or whoever) was more likely to be an attraction than merely The Thing himself. I understand the satisfaction that comes from just knowing you 'have' something (like a lot of collectors feel), but I like to look at my comics, toys, books and records, etc., and handle them - that's even better. Interesting about Alicia - in her first appearance she was meant to be red-headed double of Sue, but that's been forgotten over the years. (In FF #8, the Puppet Master is clearly cutting and dying Alicia's hair, but it's dialogued to make it a wig. However, later on in the mag, when she reappears as herself, although her hair is red, it's still cut like Sue's.)

vwstieber said...

Wow, the full-page closeup of Alicia's face is just...terrible. Almost Rob Liefeldian in it's awfulness. What happened there? I can draw better than that :P

Kid said...

I think it's the cropped hair that does it - I've seen worse.

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