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Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

American readers of this blog could be forgiven for wondering
if the MARVEL covers featured are from 'real' U.S. Marvel mags
or British reprints for U.K. buyers.  After all, the banner says Marvel
All-Colour Comics, not Marvel Comics Group, and are priced
in pence, not cents.  Honestly 'though, these mags were printed
on the same presses as the ones sold in the States.

What happened is that the mags for America and Canada were
printed first, the cover plates then adjusted and the issues for sale in
Britain run off.  Marvel U.K. sold weekly black and white mags at that
time, so the Marvel Comics Group line was replaced with Marvel All-
Colour Comics to underscore the difference to anyone who wasn't
already aware of it.  That apart, they're exactly the same as the
American versions in every way, including the indicia.

Now that I've explained that (in case you didn't already know),
you can relax and enjoy the second part of our HOWARD The
DUCK cover gallery, secure in the knowledge that it contains the
'real deal' - not second-rate forgeries.  Only the best for you,
fellow frantic fans.  And I've even thrown in the '77 Annual.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Ahhhh memories I forgot just how many of these books I bought, have a soft spot for the "Cookie Creature" issue - will need to look out a few of these in bargain bins (amazingly you still see them now and then for 50p) - Were there ever any figures for the number of issue of comics Marvel on average sent to the UK, I would assume they shipped a fair few to justify stopping the presses to change the word "colour" and adding UK pence on the masthead (before they simply got stamped "T&P" with UK pence (or old pennies) - I must have missed the King Size annual as don't recall seeing that at all

Kid said...

There must be a record somewhere, McScotty, of how many numbers were shipped over, but I wouldn't know where to start to find out. As you say, it must've been significant to bother changing the price, etc.

Incidentally, this wasn't a new thing; early '60s Marvel comics had the same thing done to them. The month was removed from the cover and the price was changed to 9d - even the fact that T&P were the distributors in Britain was added to the indicia. Also, I actually have two different versions of some mid or late '60s Marvel mags - one with the cents price and the T&P stamp, and the other with 10d printed on the cover. (Although I think at this stage the indicia remained unaltered - I'll have to check.)

Colin Jones said...

I remember well "The Thief of Bagmom" being advertised but I don't recall if I saw the advert in a UK comic or a U.S. one - Paul said he didn't remember the King-Size Annual and I'm not sure if they were ever on sale here, the Treasury Editions definitely were but I never saw any of those King-Size Annuals and I never owned one.

Kid said...

They were certainly on sale in this country, CJ, 'cos that's one of two original copies I bought in 1977 from my local R.S. McColl's.

joecab said...

Hey, I own the original to that splash page of Howard #12! It's gawjiss.

Kid said...

Lucky man - I'm sure we're all jealous.

joecab said...

Here's a photo of it:

Kid said...

Lovely stuff. An original Gene Colan - well done. (Green with envy.)

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