Sunday, 4 May 2014


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Spot the difference?  On the cover above, the price is a pre-decimal
British 10d, while below, it's the original American 12c.  However, as
you can see, at the side of the horned, helmeted head of ATTUMA is
a 10d stamp, although it's not the standard THORPE & PORTER
one that usually graced U.S. comics sold in this country.

So why was the price on the covers altered to British currency
when cents copies were stamped and sold alongside them?  Dunno for
sure, but perhaps MARVEL only printed U.K.. priced copies in limited
numbers and supplemented them with stamped issues to meet a growing
demand.  One day I'll have to go through my collection and see what
other examples I have of this dual practice, but in the meantime,
here's another one for you to consider... 

You'll notice that the second NOT BRAND ECHH cover doesn't
bear the T&P stamp, but I assume it's just an oversight, as some comics
occasionally slipped through the net (so to speak) without being 'defaced'.
I don't think British collectors would much care which version they'd get
when tracking down a particular ish (unless it's to replace one they'd once
had, in which case they'd probably want a perfect match to their original
copy), but I'd imagine that American collectors would prefer the cents
priced issues.  If any Stateside  readers would care to comment
on their preference, the floor is yours. 

(Incidentally, regarding the title - 'pence' doesn't just refer to
decimal coins, being - along with 'pennies' - the plural of 'penny'
in old L.s.d. currency.)


John Pitt said...

When I first started buying DC comics they had a 9d T&P stamp on them.
I was wondering, with those Nova, etc. UK covers how the spelling was inside the comics, US or UK?

Kid said...

The comics were exactly the same as the cents priced copies, JP, interior spelling as well. Only the cover plates were altered, which would have involved changing a line of type and the price. To change the spelling in the interiors would have meant making two separate sets of proofs and plates for the entire issue.

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