Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Paste your peepers on the penultimate part of CADET's
DALEKS SWEET CIGARETTE CARDS, all you frantic fans of
the metal-cased mutant maniacs from the planet SKARO.  Produced
in the mid-'60s by a confectionery company, there are only five more
cards to be presented in the final part of this scintillating series until
you have the complete set, you lucky lovers of DOCTOR WHO's
arch-foes from the BBC TV science-fantasy serial.

So remember - don't forget to be here
for the final five cards - coming soon!


Andrew kerr said...

What a cliffhanger! It's like one of those stories at the end of the Basil Brush show- but without the senseless singing : )

Kid said...

Actually, Andrew, when you see the last card, there may well have been some singing taking place. The Daleks look like they're singing "For he's a jolly good fellow!" Hope that doesn't ruin the suspense for you, but I started this series by showing the last card anyway. (In a separate post by itself, by way of a teaser.)

John Pitt said...

But admit it - you , like me , would have been so disappointed if the Doc, ( or anyone ) had ended up destroying the Daleks!
Still, both parties should have somehow been parted and gone their separate ways.

Kid said...

Well, of course, but...destroy the Daleks? That's too much of an unlikely scenario to ever happen, JP. Too much merchandising potential.

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