Thursday, 8 November 2012


For those of you not fortunate or discerning enough to have held
on to your copies of TV CENTURY 21, it may interest you to learn
(if you didn't already know) that the comic had a vinyl disc tie-in back in
the '60s that serves as a nice little keepsake of the famous publication.  It's
fairly easy to acquire on eBay (I've just bought two of them) for a relatively
inexpensive price, which surprised me as - a good many years back - I saw
a few of these CENTURY 21 EPs at a comic mart for about £15 to £20
each.  Perhaps the fact that most (if not all) of them have since become
available on CD has lowered the price of the original records.

I have a few TV21s in my collection (particularly the early issues,
including #1), but it's nice to see the logo gracing the cover of a record and
it's a great little collector's item to have.  Once I've luxuriated in its presence
for a while, I'll place it alongside my FIREBALL XL5 - JOURNEY TO THE
MOON EP, which I bought a good many years ago.  The TV21 record arrived
today and is in very good condition, but an even better version is winging its
way to me as I type.  Interestingly, DOCTOR WHO was never featured in
the comic, so I assume that the inclusion of the theme tune was intended
to represent THE DALEKS, who appeared in the first 104 issues.

Collectors of TV21 may be interested in a facsimile of the
free gift (Fireball XL5) from #3, available from NORTHERN-
LAD on eBay.  Priced at £5, it's printed on card (without his name-
stamp) and is a nice way of reliving part of your childhood if you
owned an original back in the day.  Item #130794388939

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