Monday, 14 March 2011


Iimages copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

Here is The BROONS strip that was "banned" and never
saw print until its appearance in The SUNDAY POST, March
13th, 2011 - around 75 years after it was first created.

It's thought that it was vetoed because the word "lover" in the
second panel was considered far too racy for a kids' strip in a family
newspaper in 1936.  Morris Heggie, comics expert and the current
writer of The BROONS and Oor WULLIE, thinks that not only is
it one of the earliest Broons strips in existence, but may even be
the first one that artist DUDLEY D. WATKINS ever drew -
the 'pilot' episode, in effect.

The Broons (The Browns) and Oor Wullie (Our William)
celebrated their 75th anniversary in yesterday's Sunday Post,
with special pull-out souvenir section devoted to Scotland's
lovable and long-running comic characters.

Created by Robert Duncan Low (Managing Editor of
D.C. THOMSON's children's publications) and Dudley Dexter
Watkinsboth comic strips first appeared in The Sunday Post
FUN SECTION on March 8th, 1936.  For many years Dudley was
the only DCT artist allowed to sign his work, such was the esteem in
which his employers held him.  The policy of other artists' enforced
anonymity was only relaxed long after Dudley's death in 1969.

Original Broons & Oor Wullie artist, Dudley D. Watkins

For those that missed it, back issues of the newspaper are
no doubt available from D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.  Get on
the trail of that collectors' item classic while you can.  The Broons
and Oor Wullie books continue to appear on alternate years on the
run-up to Christmas, and a special hardback book reprinting classic
episodes of both strips as drawn by Dudley D. Watkins is
published every year, and has been since 1996.

Above, the first appearance of Oor Wullie and The
Broons, and below, for completists, the covers of the very
first Broons and Oor Wullie books.

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Don Hudson said...

I'm learning all about the cool diversity of comics from the UK.

Kid said...

Nice to know my blog is of some help in your learning, Don.

Peter Richardson said...

Absolutely fabulous posting Kid. I've only just really delved into your blog and it's full of similar gems.

Many thanks and keep up the great work!

Kid said...

And many thanks to you, Peter, for the kind words. I've just added your own excellent blog - Cloud 109 - to my list. I can hardly wait to have a dig through it.

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