Friday, 3 December 2010



Forget all the pretenders who have impersonated him since, 'cos there's
only ever been one DOCTOR WHO in my book - and that's the real one -
WILLIAM HARTNELL. Which is not to say that some of the many other
actors who assumed the role down through the years didn't do a creditable
job, but - for my money - the definitive version of the Doctor was
portrayed by dear old Bill.

Was his Doctor a goodie or a baddie? In the early episodes it wasn't
quite clear which side he was on - apart from his own, of course - and
this only added to the mystery and intrigue of the character.

The Doc made his debut on Saturday, 23rd November, 1963 - just
over 47 years ago. So, as a special treat, here's the cover of the very first
DOCTOR WHO ANNUAL from 1965 (for 1966). The artist, WALTER
HOWARTH, obviously worked from a photo of Hartnell for reference
because the likeness is spot-on. It's just a shame that he wasn't also given
a photo of a police box, as that's the worst looking TARDIS I've seen
in my life. You could ski off that roof - and where's the flashing light?
And there should definitely have been a DALEK on that cover!

Oh well, never mind - can't have everything I suppose.


Anonymous said...

"And there should definitely have been a DALEK on that cover!"

Given what a hit the Daleks were, Terry Nation might have wanted too much money for them to be able to appear.

B smith

Kid said...

Money very likely had something to do with it, but remember, there were DALEK annuals around at the same time, so they were a big draw. It might have been worth the extra cost to have Daleks on the cover as it may well have sold more copies of the book.

John Pitt said...

Do you know anything about an alternative first Dr . Who annual , which featured some comic strips ? My Mother ordered one for me out of the catalogue , but instead they sent this book . I have seen odd copies of the other one on Amazon & EBay , but they are way too pricey for me ! I'd love to know the contents !

Kid said...

Actually, this very annual features some comic strips amongst the text stories, some of which were reprinted back in the early '80s in a Doctor Who omnibus-type annual. I'll post them one day.