Thursday, 9 December 2010


Delbert Dalek
This poor, unwanted
DALEK was left abandoned
in a state of neglect at the
side of a busy road, along
with some rubbish awaiting
collection. He was in a sad
and confused state, not
understanding what was
happening, and totally
unaware of the fate which
awaited him. Obviously his
owners had got bored with
him and could no longer be
bothered looking after the
affectionate and friendly
alien. Fortunately, a kindly
passer-by noticed his
distress and rescued him
(and his control unit) from
the street, and passed him
into the hands of a "rescue
shelter" for unwanted toys.

With a bit of love and attention (his missing half-sphere was recreated
and replaced, and he received a two-battery transplant), he was restored
to fully-working condition. He merrily screams "EXTERMINATE!" and
other catchphrases at the drop of a hat, doubtless having learned them from
his previous cruel and heartless owners. "Staff" have named him DELBERT
and have grown so fond of the lovable scamp that they've decided to
adopt him.


(Amazing, isn't it? A £100 toy, discarded because of two dead batteries.
Wish I had that kind of dosh to throw away! Well - their loss is my gain.
Thanks to Tom C  for 'phoning to ask if I wanted a deserted Dalek that
someone had dumped in his street.)


Steve Does Comics said...

My own remote control dalek's sat by my laptop right now and approves completely of this post. Well, I think he does. He keeps shouting, "Seek, locate, annihilate!" and then, "Exterminate!" which I take as his way of showing approval.

Kid said...

I'm sure he means it in an ironic way, Steve. You know what a sense of humour those Daleks have.

Steve said...

He's a cheeky little chappy, that's for sure.

Assuming daleks are male, of course.

Kid said...

Bound to be - superior race, remember.

Dr. Allan said...

the mind boggles that someone would actually throw away a perfectly good dalek just because the batteries stopped working. Some people just throw money away. Tsk-tsk... But very nice work on restoring your new dalek.

Kid said...

And he's got quite a few Dalek pals to keep him company. Thanks, Doc.