Wednesday, 1 October 2014


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I walked into WHS two days ago (September 30th) and saw the
latest issue of THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL (#4) sitting
on the shelves.  Hard to believe that it was 42 years to the day since the
very first issue of the weekly incarnation of this periodical went on sale
in the U.K..  Cover-dated October 7th, 1972, it had actually appeared
in the shops a week earlier, to give it a full seven days shelf life
before the next issue came in.

So what delights does the currrent version contain to enthrall and
entertain its readers?  You'll have to buy a copy to find out, because
the only strip I read these days is DAREDEVIL, which is top-notch
stuff.  Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that the other contents
aren't likewise excellent, but they fail to call out to me in the same
entrancing way that THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR does.

Okay, I've done my Marvel duty by showing you what the
mag looks like; it's now your turn as a dyed-in the-wool Marvelite
(assuming you are) to demonstrate your allegiance by running out
and buying a copy.  Why are you still here?  MWOM awaits!

And here are four more Mighty Marvel Mags currently on sale.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, I read that Guardians of the Galaxy story as part of a dowloaded e-graphic novel a few months ago. I've probably mentioned before that my local WH Smith's closed in March and the nearest one is now about 10 miles away. I haven't been to Forbidden Planet for nearly two years so I might have a look in before too long (my nearest one is about 20 miles away hence the long time since my last visit). But downloading comics is really easy and saves me a lot of bother - I don't want to lose touch with modern Marvel comics and downloading is now the easiest way to get them however I'd still buy the printed versions if the shops that sell them were nearer.

Kid said...

I think that, just for reading, downloads are fine, although I don't do it myself. However, for collecting, I much prefer the published version. Nothing beats holding a comic in your hands, in my opinion, and enjoying it in all its paper-paged perfection.

John Pitt said...

My grandson has just bought the Deadpool ish ( his favourite ). Must tell him that GOTG is in MWOM as he's not long seen the movie.
I haven't bought any paninis for a few years now. I had to stop as I was getting addicted to buying them all, even though I wasn't bothered about most of the stories!! ( go, figure!? )
Perhaps when this D-D story ends, you could do a post on it? Is it as good as the Miller story ( which I MISSED!! )

Kid said...

You missed the Miller story, JP? Track down a copy of the collected edition now - you'll love it. Is the current MWOM Daredevil stories as good? Let's just say that they're mighty fine.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I bought every issue of the original MWOM from issue 1 right up to its final Marvel UK issues (via the monthly versions, and Dez Skinn weekly Marvel Comic etc as well) as well every SMCW (and all the versions up until about 1988) even picking up Vol one of the relevant Pannini titles the vast majority out of habit

For me the DD strip by Samnee (art ) and Waid is the best US comic at the moment (alogn with BPRD Hell on Earth - a Hellboy spin off) but not a patch on Millers "Born again" but well worth picking up

Kid said...

There you are, JP - an unsolicited testimonial from McScotty. Surely that's recommendation enough?! (I had all those comics too, McS.)

John Pitt said...

I'm on to it. Can't miss out .In 1987 I could have got them for 10p an ish! There were boxes of Marvels reduced to clear on our town. So many that I didn't know which to buy. I took home bagfulls, but I just don't remember seeing these. Then Marvel USA disappeared from our town forever.

Kid said...

Let us all know what you think of the series once you've tracked it down and read it, JP.

Dougie said...

I buy MWOM for my classroom. I find the GOTG content a little risque but I think DD is superb. Avenger Arena is suitably mopey & nihilistic for teenagers although, since I'm middle-aged, I don't care for killing off characters for shock value.

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