Thursday, 15 November 2012


Known and loved everywhere for my generosity as I am, it should come
as no surprise that I often seek to share with others far less fortunate than
myself.  Why, there's many a sleeping tramp who has been warmed by the
steam from the amber liquid I bestow upon them whilst they're huddled in a
cardboard box on the cold streets of Glasgow.  I'm just that sort of a guy.

It's that same spirit of unselfishness for which I'm so justly famous that
now prompts me to impart unto you this super free gift given away with
TV CENTURY 21 #155, cover-dated January 6th, 1968.  No need to
thank me - such altruism comes naturally to this humble blog host.

Incidentally, this was the first ish of the title to be called simply TV21,
as opposed to TV Century 21, which it had been officially known as
for the previous 154 issues.  However, most kids had referred to it as
TV21 since its inception, so the publishers were merely following suit.


John Pitt said...

I must have missed this in my tv21 days- I would have snatched it up! I did have a full set of the bubblegum cards though! Incidentally am I the ONLY one who remembers captain Umber? I can find no mention of him on the internet!

Kid said...

Now I'll have to watch my Captain Scarlet DVDs to see if I can spot Captain Umber. Or could it have been Amber?

JohnPitt said...

No he was definitely Umber ( dark brown) .There was a Capt. Amber cropped up in the new (CGI) version of CD though!

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