Sunday, 4 November 2012


I recently saw the above photograph on one of the sites in my blog list.
It was in a pretty damaged condition, with creases just about everywhere
(see below). I find some challenges just far too appealing to ignore, so,
with the aid of some computer technology, I set about restoring the
photograph to something closer to its original state - with the intention
of sending it to the person on whose blog I had seen it.
Trouble is, I can now no longer recall which site that was. So, if this photo
belongs to you, please copy the restored version with my compliments.
Obviously, it could still stand some further work, but I only had so much
time to devote to it. Hopefully, you're happy with the results.
And below is an alternate version just for the sake of variety.
If the person to whom the photo belongs sees this, can he or she
let me know please. Also, if you know which blog the picture comes
from, please let me know in the comments section. Ta.

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