Saturday, 17 November 2012


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Recently, a well-respected cartoonist revealed that, as far as he
understands things, one of the companies for which he freelances
will no longer allow him to feature images of his own artwork on his
blog, which he uses to promote the very publications they appear in.
Other artists (plural) apparently still do feature images ('though I'm
going by info gleaned from other sources) so, naturally enough this
has led to discussion on various 'unofficial' fan sites as to what
exactly the situation might be.

As usual, I was the 'Johnny-come-lately' to the table, but I
expressed my opinion (as a comics buyer and collector) that this
seemed to be a mean-spirited attitude for the company to take, as
they would surely only benefit from any of their artists promoting
the product - so why prevent them from doing so?  (Seems like
a fair enough question to me.)

In the absence of any clear details or explanation as to why
various contributors seemingly had a different understanding
of what was going on, speculation arose as to whether certain car-
toonists were operating under different conditions and whether there
might be dissent between them, prompting one of them to deny such
was the case.  (Which is fair enough.)  Unfortunately, he was initially
rather vague in explaining just why it wasn't the case, preferring
'read-between-the-lines' approach as opposed to a more
specific account of the current state of play.

I pointed out it was hardly fair to bemoan fan-speculation
when his own actions - and subsequent silence or equivocation -
has allowed it to take root;  resulting in a sarcastic response which
suggested that, not being 'included' in the situation, I shouldn't be
expressing either an opinion or an interest in the matter.  As is usual
in such cases, it wasn't long before the inevitable nameless diddy
emerged from the woodwork, saying that I should be ignored as I
was a 'troll' - apparently quite unaware of the inherent irony in
him contributing nothing of significance and in doing so

So, tell me - where do these t*ssers come from?

Anyway, let's hope that the company in question comes to its
senses and removes any impositions which prevent its cartoonists
from promoting the very images they produce for them.  And, just
for fun, see if you can spot the subtle visual clues as to exactly which
Dundee-based publishers of periodicals I'm referring to.  A free,
lifetime subscription to a certain comic which ceases publication
on December 4th for all those who guess correctly.

(Subscription commences from January, 2013.)


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I don't need to spell out that name Kid! Shame though if that's how they are these days.

Reminded of those animated Bananaman cartoons that did came over here!

Kid said...

Chris, you'd think that with shrinking circulations, the publishers would encourage all the promotion they can get.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

It's not just the publishers that are discouraging promotion - it's the distributors as well.

We called them the other day to ask for ten copies of the last ever Dandy to be delivered, knowing that it would be popular. They refused, telling us they'd only be sending us our regular order of one!

Kid said...

The situation you describe is a total joke, THB. I'm advised that a certain comics contributor has made some valid points on the matter.

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