Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Back in 2004, I was shopping in my local supermarket one night
('twas the servants' day off), when I espied a box of FAB iced lollies in
the refrigerated display cabinet designated for such items. The box
featured details of a promotional tie-in to the THUNDERBIRDS movie
which was out at the time, and I was heartened to see that this humble
iced lolly had not forgotten nor abandoned its roots.
You see, dear reader, this particular item of frozen confectionary
was linked to Thunderbirds from its very inception, being named after
the GERRY ANDERSON programme's 'call sign' and touted as "The
First Iced Lolly For Girls". Of course, such sexist distinctions have long
since been forgotten and, as far as I know, this LYONS MAID favourite is
still available today. I know ZOOM iced lolly (as advertised by STEVE
ZODIAC from FIREBALL XL5) was likewise obtainable a few years
ago, but does anyone know if that's still the case?
I must look in the fridge the next time I'm in SAINSBURY'S.


Anonymous said...


Zoom lolly advert had the classic line,

fasten your seat belts lolly lockers! For new ZOOM!,


Kid said...

I've got the Steve Zodiac Zoom ads on my Fireball XL5 DVD boxed set. Magic stuff.

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